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The Ace Dental practice management software is a very straightforward and easy-to-use software system that provides all aspects of dental office management. It is not cloud based, though, so you do have to purchase some office equipment to use it.

Though it isn’t cloud based, Ace Dental is very easy to use. You can program it for one computer or install it on a network in order to accommodate multiple users at once, which is ideal for both small and medium-sized practices.

One drawback of the Ace Dental management program is that it can only run on the Windows operating system. This is not good news if you appreciate Apple products. The program does not come with live chat support either, so you may find yourself on hold on the phone for long periods of time waiting for an operator to answer a question.

Scheduling is easy with this practice management software program. Not only is the program simple to use with its menu-driven interface, it allows you to block out certain periods of the day for specific procedures. This eliminates having to juggle appointments around or trying to figure in your head if there is enough time for a specific procedure.

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With Ace Dental practice management software, you can create electronic insurance claims. You don’t have to fill out stacks of papers to file with the insurance company anymore, and you can also customize any report for your office to suit your needs instead of dealing solely with a template. With one glance, you can view the details about your office’s overall performance. The program also allows you to store digital signatures, and you can view multiple charts at once with ease.

Ace Dental is a user-friendly dental practice management program that allows customization where you need it most. Even though it is Windows-only based, the system is upgradeable, and it comes with excellent training support to get you on your way to using the program immediately.