Cooper RF9535-NAW Review

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Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our site because it has been discontinued. You can still read about it below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Cooper RF9535-NAW is an innovative item and a step toward having a fully connected smart home. It gives you access to multiple light switches throughout the house, enabling you to even set dimming levels remotely. Combined with its child lockout capabilities, preset dimming levels and network detection, this is a smart light switch that will put your home years ahead of the neighborhood.

This smart light switch is designed with durability in mind and is virtually unbreakable. It has an ultrasonically welded top and back body, combined with wide mounting straps for easier installation. It utilizes an electro-mechanical push pad that allows you to switch lights on and off, complemented further with a dimming bar that gives you a greater range of lighting control.

On the side of the smart light switch is an LED light-level display through which you can preset illumination levels and control other smart lights throughout the house. You can tap a button on the opposite side of the switch to control another light switch elsewhere in the house, or utilize a different preset dimming level. As you initially set up this unit, you can specifically set up ramp rates to determine how quickly a light reaches its specified illumination level, up to four minutes.

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This wireless lighting control is designed with several additional features to further increase its usability in any home. It comes with an all-on or all-off inclusion, so you can automatically turn off all lights connected to the switch. It also has a child lockout feature to enforce a curfew and even keep your toddler from playing with the light when it’s time to sleep. If your light switch gets disconnected from the network, it even has an indicator to alert you.

The Cooper RF9535-NAW is a versatile light controller that gives you greater access to the lights in your home. With its ability to set lighting levels with the touch of a button, durable design for long-lasting use and an indicator to keep you aware of what lights are on the network, this simple and small device is useful for any home. It expands the function of a single light switch and gives you access to all parts of your smart home.