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Denticon by Planet DDS is an affordable and reliable web-based dental management program that allows you to schedule appointments, access records, handle billing tasks, and generate reports from anywhere you have access to a computer or a smartphone and the Internet. Denticon offers small, often-overlooked details that make your job easier, such as sending reminder texts to patients about upcoming appointments.

This program is accessible from a mobile iPhone app. You can access patient records, schedule appointments, generate reports and view X-rays, all from your smartphone. This makes this software program extremely versatile for busy offices with dentists who are constantly on the go.

With details and added functions comes a more extensive training program. This software definitely takes time to understand, and it can be quite cumbersome trying to manage a dental facility while trying to learn a new program.

Security is never a concern with the Denticon dental practice management software. The program offers the same security measures and data encryption that the majority of online banking websites offer. The Denticon data center is also staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so if you have questions or concerns or if any suspected unauthorized activity occurs on your account, you can take action immediately.

The Denticon dental practice management software can track available time slots for when a patient calls for an appointment. You can rest assured that your patients will be offered the soonest slot available, and the program ensures you maximize your available time by keeping all time slots filled. You also won’t have to fumble through a calendar with your customer on hold. This paperless system eliminates the need for paper chart creation, which take up a great deal of office space that can instead be used for offices or patient treatment rooms, and there will be no more searching for misplaced charts while a customer is waiting.

While the Denticon dental practice management software offers a variety of tasks that is an excellent choice for large offices with multiple locations. It can be cumbersome to learn, though, so you may spend more of your initial time watching training videos than actually working with the system.