Great Northern Pop Frenzy Review

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The Great Northern Pop Frenzy 6255 is a 24-cup, hot oil popcorn popper with a nonstick surface and an automatic stirring rod that gently moves unpopped corn kernels around until they burst into popcorn. Our testing of this popcorn maker resulted in virtually no unpopped or burnt kernels and therefore no waste.

However, at first, the stirring rod made a scratching sound as it moved, which stemmed from the rod being a bit too close to the nonstick heating area on the bottom of the popcorn popper. Loosening the screw-on knot that holds the rod in place helped a bit.

You also have to be careful of hot steam being released when turning this electric popcorn maker over to get the finished popcorn away from the heated bottom and into the plastic dome. The steam comes from the heated corn and really is quite hot. Luckily, the two handles on either side of this popcorn machine let you get a good grip.

The manufacturer states that this popcorn maker can produce 24 cups of popcorn, although our testing came up one cup short. However, we were using premium corn, which produces smaller amounts of the final product. The resulting popcorn tasted terrific.

One helpful feature on this popcorn maker is its on-off switch, which is a feature found on the best popcorn makers. This helps avoid the possibility of brushing your hand or arm against a hot popper if you are trying to turn it off by unplugging it.

The electrical cord is 34 inches long, which is reasonable, although shorter is usually better, especially if you have young children around. Some of the best popcorn poppers have even shorter cords that reduce the risk of a cord hanging over a kitchen counter, where little hands might pull on it.

There are a few drawbacks to this popcorn maker. You do not get a measuring cup or any recipes on the company website. While regular popcorn with butter and salt is always delicious, it’s fun to try some new flavors, but there are no ideas supplied. Unlike the best popcorn makers, you cannot put this unit’s plastic removable parts in the dishwasher.

This popcorn popper is supported by a warranty of only 90 days, which is quite short in this industry. The standard is at least one year, and if you want an exceptional warranty of five years, take a look at the Waring WPM10 Popcorn Maker .

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If you have problems with the machine, you can check the user manual or the FAQs on the company’s website. You also can get in contact with the manufacturer through email or phone.

The Great Northern Pop Frenzy 6255 produces an ample supply of really tasty popcorn. However, this popcorn maker lacks some extra features that would make the overall popcorn production better.