State GP6-50-YTPDT review

The State Premier Power Direct Vent GP6-50-YTPDT is an Energy Star-rated, 50-gallon gas water heater that boasts a 96 percent energy efficiency rating. It works with a 100,000-Btu gas burner and a coiled spiral heat exchanger that keeps hot combustion gases inside the tank longer than standard water heaters do.

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State Premier Power Direct Vent GP6-50-YTPDT: Design & features 

This water heater benefits from a longer heat transfer cycle, resulting in your water heating more efficiently than it would with standard gas water heaters, which muster only 80 percent efficiency. State’s technology ultimately saves you money on your utility bills. This ecofriendly water heater also gives you the benefit of ultra-low nitrous oxide emissions.

The State Premier is built for durability. It features two anode rods, rather than the standard single one, that rust themselves in the tank’s water, leaving the metal tank less prone to corrosion. 

This heater gives you electronic controls to manage the heating cycles, water temperature inside the tank, the energy-saving device, combustion blower, igniter and gas valve. The LCD screen and button pad connect to a small circuit board underneath to control your water heater’s operations.

The solid brass drain valve is resistant to tampering and more durable than the plastic ones some other water heaters use. You also get a pilot reset button in case the pilot light for your burner goes out.

This State water heater is a tall model, standing 66.75 inches high and measuring 22 inches in diameter, width and depth. The warranties are only six years long for both the tank and parts, which is considerably shorter than the coverage of some other water heaters, like the Westinghouse Lifetime Electric Water Heater .